Classics impress with their distinctive flavor.

A product that has continued to meet people’s tastes with its flavor for over sixty years has clearly earned the right to be called a timeless classic. The fact that our Chantré has impressed for so long is a result of its unique smoothness.

The careful selection of the wines, the secret composition of the distillates and at least 6 months maturing in oak wood casks make Chantré Germany’s favorite brandy – even today.


Fiery color, delicate character.

Exquisite red wines give our Chantré Cuvée Rouge its distinctive color. A deep, velvet ruby red entices you to taste it, the flavor takes you by surprise: Even smoother than our Chantré brandy, full and fruity like a good red wine and surprisingly light.

Enjoy the only spirit distilled from 100 percent red wine, with the character of a brandy, the unique smoothness of a Chantré – and only 30 percent alcohol.


Chantré Cuvée Caramel brings together the typical smoothness of a CHANTRÉ with a distinctive caramel note and a gentle sweetness into a distilled delight.

Chantré Cuvée Caramel is perfect for many different occasions and tastes great on its own or over ice. It also makes a refined addition to desserts.

Chantré Cuvée Caramel is available now!